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It seems like every day there is some new superfood or vitamin that people claim will fix any and every problem that you may have. It’s gotten to the point where most people aren’t even willing to give these products a try. And we can’t really blame them. So many of these, while no doubt helpful, are probably not all their cracked up to be. But there is one product that has started to catch people’s attention that is actually worthy of that attention. That would be L-arginine (normally just called arginine). 

Despite the fact that more and more people have started to pay attention to arginine, there are still a lot of people who don’t know what it is and what it could do for them. Here at Natural Arginine, we want to remedy that. So, we’re going to go over the two biggest questions surrounding arginine; what is arginine and what can it do. Let’s get started!

What is arginine?

The first thing we need to do is start with the basics, defining arginine.

Arginine is what’s known as an amino acid. These are the building blocks of your body. Amino acids are what makeup proteins which carry out the regular maintenance and metabolic functions of your body. So, without amino acids, your body couldn’t function properly. But what is so great about this particular amino acid?

Like with most amino acids, it isn’t something that your body produces on its own. In order to get this compound in your body, you need to get it through your diet. The problem here is that there aren’t that many foods that are naturally all that rich in arginine. That’s why products that help provide you with more arginine have gotten so much more popular lately. But why are people taking it? 

The interesting thing about arginine is what it does once it has entered the body. Once you get some arginine into your system, it doesn’t stay in its original form for too long. Pretty soon, it gets transformed into nitric oxide. This is the compound that is able to have such incredible effects on people.

Now that we have those basics laid out let’s talk about what it is exactly that arginine could do for people.

What can arginine do?

One of the most exciting things about arginine is that there has already been a fair amount of research that has been done on this amino acid. That’s why the Mayo Clinic says that it is safe for general use. But what are these uses?

The main thing that arginine is potentially able to do is help expand blood vessels. Narrowed blood vessels can lead to all kinds of problems. They include high blood pressure, angina, and issues with pregnancy. Clearly, none of these are things that you want to have to deal with. There are medications that you can take to help, but some have some very unpleasant side effects. Plus, a lot of people who rather go with the more natural route for issues like this. This is where it may be able to provide a lot of help.

One of the things that arginine has been shown to help with is high blood pressure. According to the Cleveland Clinic, one of the nations top hospitals, arginine could help reduce blood pressure in people with mild hypertension among many other benefits. They also said it might be able to help with the specific type of hypertension that affects the right side of the heart, often having an effect on the lungs.

Another potential benefit of arginine is that it could help lower blood pressure in pregnant women. High blood pressure is a common side effect of pregnancy. When there is high blood pressure during pregnancy, it could make it harder for blood to flow to the placenta. When this happens, it’s possible for the baby to get less oxygen and fewer of the nutrients it needs to grow properly. Obviously, this is a major issue. So, a lot of pregnant women look for more natural ways to lessen their blood pressure and get things moving again. Arginine may be able to help with this (but be sure to talk with your doctor before you start using arginine while pregnant).

One other potential benefit that could come from using arginine is that it could help with angina. For those unfamiliar with angina, it is a common heart condition that causes random and sudden pain in the chest. It is caused by decreased blood flow to the heart and could be a sign of some serious issues. Because angina is caused by decreased blood flow, something like arginine, which opens the blood vessels more, could be able to provide quite a bit of assistance.

As mentioned above, arginine is considered safe for pretty much everyone to use. This does include children and pregnant women. That being said, it’s always a good idea to talk with your doctor before you add any supplement to your routine, especially if you’re pregnant, breastfeeding, or thinking of giving arginine to a child. That way, you can have better guidance on whether or not it is safe in that situation. Arginine is also not a replacement for any medication that your doctor may prescribe. So, do not stop taking your medication unless directed to by your doctor.

If you’re ready to give some arginine a try (and you’ve already talked about it with your doctor), then you’re in the right place. Here at Natural Arginine, we sell carefully crafted arginine products that are made with you in mind. We carry two different kinds of arginine. One is a classic arginine powder that dissolves quickly and leaves no taste. The other is similar but also has a little shot of caffeine to help you get the boost you need to get through the day. You can check out our arginine products on our shop page here. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can reach to a member of the Natural Arginine team through our contact page to get the answers you need. We look forward to hearing from you!