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How L-Arginine Works

The benefits of L-Arginine are mainly due to its conversion to Nitrous Oxide. NO is a gaseous molecule that transmits signals through the body, helping the cells to communicate with one another. It is an essential part of the following cellular functions: helping to improve behavior and memory by strengthening the transmission of signals among the nerve cells; normalizing blood pressure by dilating the arteries; strengthening the immune system so it can help fight off infections; increasing strength and endurance; reducing inflammation; and improving sleep quality.

Nitroglycerin, which is prescribed by physicians for cardiovascular disease, works by releasing nitrous oxide into the body. The Nitrous Oxide then relaxes blood vessels that have become narrowed due to the buildup of plaque, which increases blood flow and oxygen throughout the body.

Nitrous Oxide helps with sexual conditions, such as erectile dysfunction by increasing the blood flow to the genitals. As we grow older and our arteries age, the pathways through which Nitrous Oxide flow become narrower. ED medications such as Viagra work by promoting enzymatic reactions in these pathways so that they would enhance the flow of Nitrous Oxide that is necessary to improve blood circulation.

One of the most prominent uses of Nitrous Oxide is to boost athletic performance. Many athletes are now taking L-Arginine supplements to help the production of Nitrous Oxide in their bodies, which increases the flow of oxygen and blood to the muscles. The supplements also help to remove lactic acid in the body in order to shorten recovery time and reduce fatigue during workouts and while on the athletic field.

Nitrous Oxide is also seen to help ensure continued health and wellness in the elderly. As we age, our bodies can produce less NO, which can cause deficiencies. By using supplements to build up our NO levels, we can help maintain overall wellness as well as increase vitality and strength.