Natural Arginine as Super Supplement – My Story

Arginine give life
Natural Arginine Sunset
This all happened because of L-arginine

Six years ago, I decided to marry my longtime girlfriend Candice in a beautiful sunset wedding in Jamaica. We’ve known each other for almost a decade and I realized that she is the one for me. Our wedding was as memorable as it was. The sunset, the wedding ambiance, every one of our loved ones was present, and my beautiful wife was stunning in her sapphire sequin bridal gown. My best buddies also flew from New York just to be with us for the occasion.

While she was working as an Ambac Financial Group Team Manager here in New York, I was working in the American Stock Exchange as a Senior Business Analyst raised as Alumni North Shore. You could say that we had a bright future ahead, and our finances were more than stable. I can say this because we can afford to go on a holiday cruise whenever we want and buy anything that we wanted. But this is not reason enough for our relationship to be happy.

Just like everyone else’s, our marriage was a typical one. There were ups and downs and struggles. And yes, despite having a good financial viewpoint, we did encounter a lot of problems in our relationship. One of them despite trying everything is we never were able to have our own child. It seems ironic that for six years of being together and having tried everything, my wife never got pregnant.

I guess it’s true what they say that successful people are inclined to miss one thing that completes their life. And it was true in our case, we never had a child to care for and provide our attention with. I’ve talked with a few close friends and I have to admit, I see myself envious when I see them joking around with their little kid. It’s uncanny how you can buy anything you want but the one thing you need, you can’t have.

After taking everything into consideration, a common friend of ours suggested we see specialist infertility. Dr. Wermer is a known Reproductive Endocrinologist and Andrology expert in our area. I also heard that Italia medicine had some progress in this field. He took some lab tests of my semen and concluded that I was having problems with my sperm count and motility.

I didn’t even know what motility meant so I found the time and did some research on the issue. Reading a digital digest, I learned that male infertility is not uncommon in the US. Forty percent of reported infertility cases can be attributed to men having reproductive issues as opposed to women. With over 300 million people residing in our country and over 50.8 percent male, I am not alone with the issue.

It gave me time to think about how immense the problem is and how it ultimately affects the relationship of couples, especially ones who are trying to establish themselves. This is may not be a serious condition as compared to any other health problems, but I have to admit that it is affecting my own confidence and my perception of myself.

I and my wife´s decision to talk with Dr. Wermer was the best thing I did in the recent years. He suggested that the problem is reversible and there is a solution to my infertility problem. He recommended I take natural arginine for 40 days to boost my body´s sperm production and improve its motility.

I was skeptical at first, but hey, I was up for anything just to improve my ´manhood´ so to say. He explained that the naturally occurring element helps improve sex drive and lessens the occurrence of having erectile dysfunction among men who are at risk of having high blood pressure. He says that men with high blood pressure have a hard time sustaining their erection because it prevents the penile artery from dilating.

He also added that women who are suffering from a low sex drive can also benefit from taking L-Arginine because it improves blood flow in their clitoral tissues. This makes them more responsive and stimulated during sexual intercourse.

I also did some research on my own. L-arginine is more than just a super supplement but also acts as a stimulating element for the brain’s neurotransmitter cells. It contains a nucleic compound called a nitrous oxide that helps relay signals to the neural brain cells. This may be a little too scientific for most of us, but I can totally relate to what the benefits have to offer.

To end this journal on a good note, I have to say, that we now have a 12-month old boy who likes to stare at me in the eye and fiddle with my fingers. My life is complete because of a good doctor who recommended using L-Arginine.

3 thoughts on “Natural Arginine as Super Supplement – My Story”

  1. Who could tell that this can be helpful.I’m very familiar with concept of amino acids and how they works.
    But I did not see any effect working on quality of sperm and getting your own family.
    I will look into a lot of more in this because it triggered my interest and will follow further this blog in future

  2. I’m using Na+ quite some time and have great effects.I know is not the “next big thing” in medicine but my focus increased that I may say,also I’m more confident in doing my daily jobs.I read a lot on internet and in my local library and you can find just good words because the overall positive effect of arginine at your body and what are so called “side effects” when you have lack of it.

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